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  • highlighted in a commentary: Idowu and Parikh, Sci. Transl. Med. 2022, 14, eadd2826.

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selected as cover art:


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selected as cover art:

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selected as cover art:


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selected as journal cover:

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     selected as journal cover:

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Highlighted in Organic Chemistry Portal

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This article was recently highlighted in Synfacts, 201713, 0644.


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Highlighted in organic chemistry portal.

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This work was featured on the front cover of the journal.

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This article was recently highlighted in:

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This paper is part of an “Emerging Investigator Issue”.


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This paper is part of an Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry web theme issue on chemical biology.


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This paper is part of an “Emerging Investigator Issue”. For biography of the contributors, click here.


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